1101 Cook Road
Lucasville, Ohio  45648
Phone:  740-259-2281
Organized:  1973

- Rev. Larry Parks
Sunday School - 9:45am
Sunday Worship - 10:55am
Sunday Worship - 6:00pm
Wednesday - 6:00pm
Celebrate Recovery Mondays 7:00pm

Membership: 18
Worship Attendance: 25
Sunday School Average:  25
Vacation Bible School:  21
Bus/Van Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Prayer Ministry
Weekly Visitation Ministry
Servant Evangelism Ministry
Youth Ministry

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Location:  Scioto County
Population of Lucasville:  2,757
Community:  2.5 square miles
Average age:  37
Average Income:  $28,400
Ancestry-United States, German
Time To Work:  26 minutes
Nearest Towns:
- Rosemont  – 6.8 miles
- West Portsmouth – 8.8 miles
- Manufacturing, Education
- Health Services
- Social Services
Valley High School, Valley Middle School
- Valley Elementary School

The first vision of a work in Lucasville started on August 1, 1975 with 43 people meeting in the Middle School on US 32 under First Southern Baptist Church, Portsmouth as sponsor. In 1967 Portsmouth ceased the sponsorship.  First Baptist Church, Waverly assumed the sponsorship of the new work.  Due to a pastor change at First Waverly the work was dropped.  In 1970 homes were being constructed and the Ohio State Prison had been completed.  The Ernest Bowman family, the Buel Wheeler family and the Richard Painter family saw the need for a Southern Baptist work in Lucasville. These families committed themselves to a new work.  November 11, 1970 a home fellowship was begun in the home of Finely Harlon. Property was purchased adjacent to the state prison on Cook Road in 1971.  Valley Baptist Chapel was formed.  First Baptist Church, Logan assumed sponsorship of the chapel.  By September 44 were enrolled in Sunday School.  Constitution services were held on November 17, 1973 changing the name to Cook Road Baptist Church.  The first unit on the present site consisted of a sanctuary and educational space.  This was completed in September 1976.  A fellowship and education wing was dedicated on October 6, 1996.  Cook Road Baptist Church has been involved in the beginning of new works.  A mission was started in Wheelersburg but later closed.  Another attempt in Wheelersburg was successful.  The Freedom Southern Baptist Chapel was begun in 1997 and constituted in 2001.